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artist bio

Tasanee Durrett (1994) is a visual artist, originally from Chicago, who lives and works in Orlando, Florida. Throughout her years of college at the University of Arizona (2017), she studied architecture where the Black human experience became influential. After escaping an abusive relationship of eight years, she began translating her architectural influences through painting. Durrett’s paintings became an outlet for releasing emotions and regaining strength. Her artistic journey began as a quest for personal freedom and breaking the psychological and emotional chains that held her back from embracing her true self. 


Durrett’s figurative paintings express vibrant narratives of the Black diaspora. A principal theme in her work is emotional healing, spiritual connectedness and space. Through abstraction, pointillism, and continuous contour line techniques, she takes an intricate and detailed approach to her work, capturing moments of connection to the Black inner-self and Black ancestral roots.


Her body of work has been exhibited at the Orlando Museum of Art, Gallery 1202 in California, Orlando City Hall, Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Lake County Museum of Art, the Ritz Theater and Museum, Kavanaugh Art Gallery in Illinois, and the Spectrum Art Show during Art Basel Miami (2022) among others. She was awarded the 2023 Timucua Artist Residency in Orlando, FL and the 2023-2024 TILA Gardens Fellowship in Atlanta, GA. Recent press includes Orlando Foundation for Architecture, 1919 Mag, and Blacque. Durrett invites viewers to explore emotions, healing, and celebration within the Black diaspora, showcasing the transformative power of overcoming challenges and finding happiness and prosperity.

artist statement

I am a figurative artist. My artistic journey is an exploration of psychological healing, emotional transformation, and the spiritual connection that reverberates within the vibrant tapestry of the Black diaspora.


Through the medium of painting, I give voice to Black psychological and emotional healing stories that often remain unspoken. My work becomes a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit, an ode to the endurance that defines the Black experience across generations. Within the vibrant hues and bold strokes of my work, you'll find a celebration of my Afro-Indigenous heritage, interwoven with intricate aboriginal patterns and vibrant flora that holds the stories of my ancestors. This mesh of colors and textures mirror the interplay of emotions and experiences within the collective consciousness of the Black community. Through acrylic paint and herbs, I transcend the tangible, using continuous contour line and pointillism techniques to capture the healing journey of the Black human experience.


Each painting is a celebration of the resilience and vibrancy found within the Black diaspora, viewed through a deeply personal and spiritual lens. I invite viewers to connect with my body of work on a personal and spiritual level, embracing their uniqueness and authenticity. Within each piece, I highlight the importance of nurturing the Black psychological, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

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