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“DUAFE DUAFE DUAFE”honors an Afro-indigenous ancestor enveloped within her natural element. Cascading Fulani braids adorned in cowrie shells frame her visage. Atop her crowned head sits a plethora of sacred Duafe combs, symbolizing the ancient rites and protective powers of womanhood passed down generations. She is both flawless daughter of nature and vessel carrying forth the whispered wisdom of ancestors - lessons of navigating through joys, sorrows, rage, and kindness. Her spirit commands respect; her femininity warrants ritual. She reminds us that grace lies in the duality of strength and softness uniquely possessed by the divine feminine. This piece grants permission to honor all that makes us whole.

This poignant artwork narrates the compelling story of the Igbo community's choice to end their lives rather than endure enslavement. It embodies the powerful and heart-wrenching decision to opt for freedom over slavery, a profound testament to the choice between life and death.

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