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Tasanee Durrett

One-line artist, healer, and visual storyteller.


Tasanee's work focuses on the social and cultural concepts of the Afro-indigenous society that are typically kept hidden from the world. She specializes in continuous contour drawing, also known as "single line" drawing.

This technique involves Tasanee never lifting her hand off of the medium that she works with until the piece is completely finished, with one unbroken line. Similar to the one-line work that she creates, each of us re connected by our backgrounds and experiences in a unique and abstract way. Her art ties people together through visual stories that she tells in her work.

While drawing and painting, she allows her hand to move freely as she expresses people of the black diaspora. She re-evaluates the societal "boundaries" that are placed on the notion of blackness through emotion and expression. Tasanee utilizes art as a way to expose the truths of her history and to celebrate the relevancy and vibrant stories of those that are apart of the past present and future so that the world can understand, reflect and relate.

Tasanee Durett. the one-line artist helping others heal

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